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Additional Image of Kampa Thermo Electric Cooler - 25 Litre -- Grey [CLICK TO VIEW]
Additional Image of Kampa Thermo Electric Cooler - 25 Litre -- Grey [CLICK TO VIEW]

Kampa Thermo Electric Cooler - 25 Litre -- Grey

RRP 68.00

Buy Kampa Mains to 12v Adaptor 12.95



Kampa Thermo Electric Cooler - 25 Litre

12v DC Cool Box with 25 litre capacity

o Holds standing 2 litre drink bottle
o Cools to 20º below ambient temperature for extra cool food and drinks
o Double cooling fans for superior performance
o CFC free PU foam insulation
o Connects to 12V car socket with lead supplied
o Low power consumption - 48W
o Removable hinged lid
o Strong carrying handle locks lid in place

Can be used with Mains 230V AC by using the Kampa Mains Adaptor (available as an optional extra: Kampa code 201301

Please note: Thermo-Electric Coolers are not refridgerators however they will maintain the temperature of chilled food and drinks, to get the best performance from your Kampa Cooler it is recommended that the unit is cooled down before use.

Kampa Thermo Electric Cooler - 25 Litre

The cool box uses the very latest Peltier
technology, ensuring that the refrigeration
system is free of CFCs and any non
environmentally-friendly liquid coolants.
The cool box can be used without any
problem at almost any angle, and a fan
ensures that the cooling effect is evenly
distributed throughout the inside of the box.
User tips
Your cool box is able to keep your pre-cooled food and drinks refreshingly
cool with very little power usage. This cool box will work best by filling it with
food and drink that has been pre-cooled. If you intend to use the cool box for
only a short period of time, only fill with pre-cooled items. At an outside
temperature of approx. 25°C, the inside of the box will have an ideal cooling
temperature of 8°C after approximately 2 hours operation and will cool to a
maximum of 20°C below ambient. Thanks to foam insulation, the food and
drinks inside the cooler will remain fresh for a long time, even with the cool box
turned off.
Ensure that the cooler is placed in a position where the air from the external
fan is free to circulate. Do not place the cooler in direct sunlight.
The lid can be locked shut by placing the handle in its forward horizontal
position and the lid can be opened or removed with the handle in its rearward
horizontal position.
Place the plug from your cool box lead into the cigarette lighter socket (12 V)
or into the 12V socket of your 230V AC/12V DC mains adaptor (available as
an optional extra, Kampa product code 201301). The cooling system will start
immediately. To stop the system, simply pull the plug out of the socket.
With the car engine off, you can use the cool box for up to three hours* via the
cigarette lighter without draining your battery (*battery in good condition).

DC 12V 48W

Holds standing 2 litre bottle
Cools to 20C below ambient
CFC free
PU foam insulation
Complete with 12V lead
Low power consumption
Removable hinged lid
Strong carry handle
Dimensions: 44 x 37 x 26 cm


For postage and packing for destinations on the UK mainland we charge a flat rate of 4.95 for Standard Delivery or 7.95 for Next Day Delivery. For orders over 75 there is no Standard Delivery charge.

For the Highlands and Northern Ireland we charge a flat rate of 10.95 for Courier Delivery. For orders over 75 we charge a discounted flat rate of 6.00.

For select European Union countries (France, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, Belgium & Luxembourg) we charge a flat rate of 15.95.

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